Intrusion/Access Control

Intrusion/Access Control

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With the word Security in our name it is the type of system that is at the root of our business. Property management and multi-tenant buildings are the majority of our clients, it often becomes a challenge securing multi-tenant buildings effectively and as importantly, in a cost effective manner.

Years ago we would have had to install a separate intrusion alarm system for the landlord to secure the perimeter doors and as well as the common area doors of the building. This would mean that all tenants would need separate security systems as well.

In most buildings where we have installed access control systems to allow access to the lobby areas, the tenants would either have to use the same system that we installed for the landlord or carry a separate access credential for their space as well as for the common area doors.

With today’s technology we now can install one multi-partitioned security system that allows for separate areas of the building to be armed independently of one another as well as report separately to the central station.

The access systems that we install accept multi-credential formats. This allows the access card that allows access into the main part of the building to be used with various manufacturers access control equipment in the event a tenant wants to use an access system manufactured by a different manufacturer that they may already be using in a building located elsewhere.