Bar Code Technology

Bar Code inspection technology, combined with specialized database software, allow BH Security inspectors to track, report and record vital information on every system component. Automatically generated reports ensure that no device is missed and every system element is located and maintained in working order.

Compliance and Safety

BH Security's service reports far exceed state and local compliance requirements in both detail and accuracy. Regular audits by BH staff keep you ahead of the game and free from scheduling problems, while protecting the safety of your personnel and property. BH works to ensure that audits are performed regularly to maintain compliance with local fire and other safety codes.

Fire System Inspections

BH Security has developed a Bar Coded inspection system for tracking and reporting on each device in your fire alarm system -- technology that's superior to any other in our industry. Using bar codes and specialized database software, BH Security technicians record the inspection of every device, from clean-and-test to repair or replace, and download their actions into the inspection database. This ensures that every device is located, checked and maintained in working order.

BH Security generates detailed and complete inspection reports after each inspection and forwards them to the customer for on-site fire inspection maintenance logs. The detail and accuracy of these reports far exceeds state and local fire inspection code requirements. This ensures that the facility is in compliance without having to worry about scheduling an inspection or verifying its quality.

Future inspections are scheduled by BH Security inspection staff at appropriate intervals to ensure compliance with fire codes. An Inspection inventory report is automatically generated for our technicians, complete with the BH Security bar code number, location and type of every device in your facility. These thorough inspections also protect the safety of people and premises in the event of a fire, ensuring that system components perform as designed.