Fire Protection

Commercial Fire Protection


BH Security will design your fire alarm system from inception through the blueprint drawing phase and permit submittal process. As a licensed contractor we will assure that your plans meet all current codes and regulations as required by your AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Whether your system is a small conventional alarm, a larger analog addressable or a networked multi-building installation, we will design a state of the art system to meet your needs.


Upon approval by the local authority and once permits are obtained, your installation will be supervised by one of our highly trained project managers. Our installers are all certified by our in-house license holders and trained throughout the year to be current on all requirements to guarantee that your system is installed right the first time and passes all inspections.


Once installed, your system will be connected to our state of the art monitoring center located in Union, NJ. As soon as a signal is received at the central station one of our operators will be contacting the local authorities to report the alarm. Once help is on the way, you or your assigned representative will be contacted as well.

Signals can be transmitted to the central station through a dedicated phone line and a shared line as a secondary means of transmission. Another option through BH Security, is that we one of the largest AES Radio Networks in the region. Known as a BH RadioNet Transmitter, we can install a leased radio transmitter to transmit your signals to the central station. The radio will transmit signals over our private radio network which is a much more secure method than traditional phone lines. The radio signal is also much faster and more reliable. Leasing a radio from BH Security will also save you approx. $600.00 per year in phone line charges and taxes, while providing a more reliable signal.


After your installation is complete and has been certified, you have the option of purchasing a yearly service contract that will go into effect after the warranty period has elapsed. The service contract will cover all parts and labor and is for service during our normal working hours. We also offer a premium service contract which would cover all parts and labor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our service contracts are very competitively priced and will allow you to have one less thing to worry about and never have a surprise expense that was not in your budget. Service contracts do not cover vandalism, misuse or Acts of God.


Once your fire alarm system has been installed, whether it is in a commercial or residential building, the law requires that the system is inspected and tested at least once a year depending on the usage type of the building.

BH Security has dedicated crews that only perform certified fire alarm system inspections. Our inspectors will create BH bar code labels that will be put on all devices to completely inventory your system. With our inventory system we will be able to track the age and condition of all components and determine if devices have been added or possibly removed from your system on subsequent inspections.

After your inspection is completed you will be sent an inspection report for your records. If any devices were found to be in need of repair you will be notified of all issues that need to be addressed to bring your system up to code.