Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems by far, have the most variables with regards to what you can accomplish for your investment. If you are looking for overview or situational awareness we can design an analog system that will show you that there is unusual activity in the area you are looking at. If your needs are to identify people and objects within the field of view, then we can design a high definition system utilizing megapixel cameras with matching lenses to give you the detail you require.
The days of time lapse recorders are long gone. Now all video is stored on hard disc drives designed specifically for video storage. During the design phase of your system we will need to know how long you need to store and archive your video. Knowing the level of detail you need to capture and how long you need to keep it for will enable us to design and install a system that will meet your needs today and more importantly allow you to grow the system in the future to meet your needs as your business grows.

Remote Access

No matter what system we design and install for your business or home, you will be able to access the video remotely. Simply open an application on your Smartphone, iPad, tablet or internet enabled computer and you will be able to view your site live or if need be, view recorded video. There are typically no fees for these services and you can be in touch with your property 24 hours a day.


Although most video systems will run without any intervention, periodic maintenance is recommended. Cleaning the lenses or the front of the housings will keep a nice crisp view. Checking the health of the hard drives is also a recommended periodic service. Whatever the issue, BH Security is here to service and maintain your video surveillance system and keep it recording at peek performance.