Access Control

Access Control

Card Access

With need increasing daily to have the ability to lock down a building at a moment’s notice, BH Security can design and install any size card access system that you may require. From a single door with a stand-alone electronic lock to a multi-building system with hundreds of controlled doors and thousands of credential holders, BH Security can fulfill your access control needs.

In addition to designing, installing and servicing your access control system, we can also handle the daily administration. From our office, we can add or delete users, lock or unlock doors and adjust time schedules and security levels as you desire.

These systems can use access cards, keyfobs or biometrics, such as fingerprint readers or retinal eye scanners to allow or deny access through any controlled door or entryway. Facial recognition systems are also now available. These systems can unlock a door as the person approaches the controlled door as long as their picture is in the active database and matches the saved photo.


If your needs are simply from room to room, or more complex, such as a multi-tenant high rise building, BH Security can specify, install and service your intercom or telephone entry system. These systems can be audio only, audio and video and can also unlock doors or open gates as long as the visitor is expected and the tenant wants to grant the visitor access to the premises.

Gate Arms and Traffic Control

BH Security is a DoorKing certified installer for any of your traffic control needs. Whether in a gated community or to allow access to a parking lot or garage, BH Security will design and install your gate arms, chain drive slide gate openers or hinged swing gate operators.

After the installation we are available to maintain and service the opener according to the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule to keep your system in perfect working order and to assure that all safety devices are working properly.


Service and maintenance agreements are also available for access control systems, telephone entry systems and gate arms. These contracts are available to cover all parts and labor during normal business hours, a premium plan that will have your system serviced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is also available. Service contracts do not cover vandalism, misuse or acts of God.